Buckskin medicine bag instructions

Buckskin Medicine Bag Instructions


Trace the pattern lightly with an ink pen on the fuzzy side and cut out the 2 pieces of buckskin.  Place the 2 pieces of buckskin together, with the fuzzy side facing out.  This will end up being the inside of the bag when you’re finished.

It's helpful to use 4-5 small binder clips to hold your pieces together while sewing it. Use an awl to punch holes through the 2 layers of buckskin. You may want to use a small piece of wood or cork under your work to press the awl into as you pierce the holes.

Start with the thinner buckskin thong. The ends have already been cut into a taper and Elmer’s glue applied to it to help keep it stiff when it goes through each hole.  It may be helpful to moisten the entire thong which makes it easier to go through the holes, however if the end gets wet, you’ll need to wait for it try dry so the glue can stiffen back up again.

Starting with the hole at the bottom center of the bag, insert the thong into the hole and use a straight running stitch. Its best to punch one hole and insert the thong before punching the next hole and inserting the thong.  Pull through the first hole (bottom middle of pouch) and pull half of the length of the thong through.  Continue sewing that half all the way to the last hole near the top of the pouch. Leave the extra part hanging out for now.  Repeat the process with the other half of the thong.  After both sides are finished, you need to tuck each end into the previous stitches, using the awl to lift each stitch and weave the end through, in a snake like shape, alternating each side of the stitch.  Now flip the pouch inside out so that the smooth (non fuzzy) side is now on the outside.

You’ll need to use an awl to punch 5 holes on each side of the top of the pouch for your drawstring.   Then make 2 holes where the sides of the bag fold together on the inside and run the piece of thong through those 2 holes and lock the stitch in by running the tip of the thong through the slit at the end of the thong.  Then weave the long end through the top holes and go the toward the other side of the pouch. It should end up coming out of the last hole at the other end.  Now take the last thong and do the same thing on the opposite side.  Tie the ends so the pouch hangs at the desired position around your neck. 

Now you’re finished!

Feel free to email me with any questions (info@melofthemountains.com).  I’ll be posting illustrations to help with better understanding the instructions very soon.