March 4, 2024 Part 2

March 4, 2024 Part 2

Health Update:

Brachytherapy 2 of 4. Today was more painful than the first session. Removing the packing that keeps the radiation device secured in its proper place was not enjoyable. I had to use breathing techniques and gripping the bed linens tightly to get through it.  The shaking issue with my hands was worse than previous days.  

While I was knocked out, Ken was on the phone with the financial department.  The lady told him the money we've paid hasn't been credited to our account because they were waiting on a discharge date.  What??? That makes absolutely no sense to the common person. She said they would call me tomorrow and it would be straightened out and that we wouldn't owe anymore than we've already paid.  I don't believe that for one second.  We still have lots of evidence to support our case, if and when the time for that comes.  We'll see how things pan out tomorrow. I'm planning to take further action on Wednesday if it doesn't get resolved tomorrow. Stay tuned...





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