March 10, 2024

March 10, 2024

Health update:

This was Friday's treatment, #3 out of 4. Clearly I was enjoying the good drugs by the looks of this picture. Sorry for the late update but I was locked out of Facebook all week and didn't realize it until yesterday.

The anesthesia seemed more powerful than usual Friday, because I went to bed around noon and didn't wake up until 7am Saturday. Saturday afternoon I started having convulsions throughout my whole body which lasted until 5am Sunday. I couldn't control all the random movements my body was making and I felt like a drug addict that was tweaking from not getting high. I also felt like a dying fish flopping around on a wharf!

Today the shaking is better than yesterday. But my body is worn out from about 12 hours of constant rapid movement yesterday. We lost power this afternoon for a few hours. I guess the high winds caused a transformer on the street to blow. We started packing up the house today.

Final treatment is tomorrow and moving back home on Tuesday! I'm so ready to get back to living life instead of fighting to live!

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