March 1, 2024

March 1, 2024

Health update:

Friday was the first internal radiation treatment. At least now I know what to expect for the 3 remaining treatments. When we checked into the hospital, the admission folks said we had to pay $22,000 for the procedure. So they still haven't credited my account for the $70,000 check from January. I politely explained to the lady that we've already paid in full for all the radiation treatments. She documented my statement and said someone would call about the issue. They never did.

I enjoyed the lovely anesthesia nap. I wish I had been knocked out when they removed the catheter and the alien torture device, because that didn't feel great.

I'm now having pretty bad shaking in my hands, similar to Parkinsons. Neuropathy in my hands is also getting worse. I'm guessing both are effects of the chemo. Also having back pain near my kidneys which is new. Hopefully these things will subside in the coming months, but they say it's possible that it's permanent nerve damage from the chemo. If that's the case, its going to make teaching my classes very difficult. I used to be the only one who could successfully extract the pencil in the game Operation, but there no way I could win that game right now!

Treatment #2 is tomorrow morning. I'll be all done 1 week from tomorrow. It can't come soon enough!




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