January 9, 2024

January 9, 2024

Cancer update: (future posts will be Health update instead of cancer update!)
Yesterday was results day. Overall, I think it went better than expected. PET and MRI results showed the 4cm tumor and 2 lymph nodes are malignant, however the drs believe the cyst on my remaining ovary is likely benign as well as the nodule in the sacrum area. They plan to keep an eye on those areas going forward.
The chemo class was informative, with info on what to expect and how to lessen possible side effects. 

Today I went back for the CT Simulation which they setup markers for lining up my body for the radiation treatments. Over the next 10 days or so, a nuclear physicist and the oncologists will be configuring the radiation plan and the treatments should begin on the 22nd.

Every Monday will start with intravenous chemo and external radiation will be Monday- Friday for 5 weeks. Then 4 treatments of internal radiation Monday's and Thursday's. I hope to be back home mid-March.

I've got lots of tasks to wrap up before treatment starts now. Glad to finally have some dates to work with and look forward to getting out of the limbo zone!
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