January 29, 2024

January 29, 2024

Health update:

I survived the first week of treatments! Praise the Lord! Last night was extremely unpleasant and painful - we'll just say 3 hours straight between the tub and toilet. Intestinal pains most of the day, but still felt better than Tuesday-Friday.

Today was the 2nd round of chemo and 5th round of radiation. Had a new nurse this morning and she tried to poke me in a vein I knew was gonna hide and told her but she wanted to try. Yep, failed! So she went back to the one good chemo vein in the inside of the elbow. They don't like to use that one because I can't bend my arm but I can go for 4 hours and not bend my arm. Let's just do it.

Thankfully the medical didn't have to "swarm" this time due to complications like last week. Still haven't managed to achieve the proper level of liquid in my bladder for radiation. Had to pull me back out again, drink more water and wait. Got the treatment done but I suspect it either wasn't as efficient as it needed to be or it may have caused more damage to surrounding areas because the bladder wasn't full enough to shield the areas. But I'm gonna let God and the nuclear physicist guy work that out! I'll just try to get the water level right tomorrow.

I ordered a pickup for Walmart while doing chemo. Finished right when the order got pulled. Drove over there, had it brought out to my truck without having to go inside and get exposed to the public, then got some ice cream at Bruster's to see if my body can handle it better than it handled last night's dinner. Next, I dropped off a box at Goodwill that's been in my truck for over a month and came home to take a nap.

I think I meet with the radiation oncologist tomorrow after treatment to get a progress update, so stay tuned! Love you all!

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