January 26, 2024

January 26, 2024

Health update:
Day 4 of radiation treatments. Thought we'd only be at the hospital about 30 minutes for treatment early this morning, but more complications kept is at the hospital until after 4pm. Lesson learned - take supplies (blankets, snacks, puzzle and reading books) everyday in case complications arise.

For radiation treatments, the bladder is supposed to be about 80% full. Unfortunately, there's no way for a human to calculate and prepare for that. Yesterday it was too full, even after emptying a little 2 times. Today, not full enough. So they pulled me out of the machine, drank more water, waited 10 minutes and tried again. Still only 60% full but they did the treatment anyway. I'm just trusting that I'm getting the correct radiation even when conditions aren't optimal.

I've lost 5 pounds in the last few days. Haven't been able to eat for the last day and a half. Just too nauseous. Been taken the anti-nausea meds religiously but it wasn't making it ok. Lots of pain and discomfort in the pelvic area and this morning, very strong sharp pains in my lower back hit and kept getting worse throughout the day. They did labs after radiation. Results looked good. Then went to the oncology nurse to ask for IV fluid flush to help with nausea. They drew up the order and we went back to the chemo infusions area to get the IV. Yet again, they had difficulty with my veins. Thought the second poke was gonna work but I could tell it didn't feel right. Was stinging and painful but we went with it. 20 minutes later, we had to stop the IV and move to the other arm, the good one that we're trying to save for the chemo on Monday. They got it working in a side arm vein, keeping the main one for chemo. That one took thankfully. I went to sleep finally.

When I woke up, I finally felt human again! I don't know how long this will last but I'm thankful for it as long as it lasts. It has been a very tough week and it's been hard for my normal personality to shine through. I honestly had thoughts earlier today that I might not make it if this is how the first week goes and they are all telling me that the side effects don't usually show up until 2-3 weeks in. And I kept thinking, I don't know if I can handle it getting even worse. We all have weak moments when times are tough and this week was definitely a tough one. Not trying to complain but instead explain.

After the IV flush, I was able to eat a plain Bojangles biscuit without thoughts of it getting "refunded". Got back to the house, went for a 2 mile walk because I've been in bed all week when I wasn't at the hospital. The return trip got me winded though so I walked back pretty slow. Rain is coming back tomorrow so no walking opportunities until Sunday if I'm up for it. Ate half a banana and a little bit of chicken soup and the nausea has crept back. Hoping to get to sleep soon and see how things feel in the morning.

Thanks for following along on my journey to be cancer free....



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