January 19, 2024

NOTE - please don't see this post as a request for money. We've got it covered for now. Just wanted to let everyone know what's going on. 
Health update:
Yesterday was a long day of being on the phone and waiting for phone calls literally the entire day. If we didn't get some results, we were going to drive 90 minutes to the Northside Cherokee hospital to get face to face to get results.
Around lunchtime, progress was finally being made. By 5pm, I was finally on the treatment schedule for next Tuesday, only 1 day after treatment was supposed to start. I had to pay upfront for the chemo treatments in order to get on the schedule. I will have to pay for the radiation before Tuesday.
The discounted self pay rate for the chemo was just under $3000 and the radiation is just under $100,000. We dug up all the credit cards that were still active and that gets us part of the way there and reached out to family to help with the rest. I'm so thankful that we worked hard to get out of credit card debt a few years ago or else I don't know how we would have solved this. I'm also thankful for the love and unselfish support of family to get us the rest of the way to the goal of paying for treatments. All of this money will be reimbursed in about 3 months from our medical cost sharing program.
I have this whole experience well documented and will be persuing efforts to get changes made in the system. That will be a bigger mountain to climb that the cancer possibly, but I'm going to try. I have a call this afternoon with a local TV person to see if they are interested in my experience through this. I'm hoping light will be shed on this problem and be a cause for change so that others don't have to experience this. I can't be the only one going through this. Cancer is enough of a battle. Patients don't need the added stress of this.
Thank you for all the prayers yesterday, and for the medical employees that stepped up to fight the system on my behalf. ❤️ I started another batch of peppermint patties last night so I can find those people and express my gratitude with a box of mints!
The journey continues... There's lots of planning and packing to do since I'm basically moving into the airbnb house for 2 months. I'm treating this as a vacation, a new adventure, a gift of life and a gift of time to hopefully catch up on work items that I frequently push off to the side because I always opt for physical work activities when at home. That means a lot of computer work (yuck) mixed in with some jigsaw puzzles and playing board and card games when possible.
If you're in the Canton, GA area and want to come play some games or just visit, let me know and if my body is up for it, I'd love a visit.
Today I have virtual appointments for cancer support therapy (boy is she gonna get an earful!), and a cancer nutrition class. I'm sure there will be a few more hospital calls as well, but nothing like the marathon of yesterday.
Thanks for yalls love, prayers and support! Love you all!❤️
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