February 9, 2024

February 9, 2024

Health update:
This has been a fairly nauseous kind of week with little food and lots of time in bed when not at treatments. Yesterday was radiation and IV flush. Check out the awesome lapboard Ken Stanger made for me though! It's the perfect size and even nicely routed around the edges. The nurses were admiring it and asking if he could make them more. The new chairs don't offer the nurses anywhere to put their supplies when they are doing their IV work. Since this is wooden and not able to be sanitized, they can't use them for everyone but can at least use it for me personally so that works for me. They lay a towel over it anyway. It makes a great lap desk for me as well.

We met with the radiation oncologist Tuesday and I asked to see what they look at on their screens during the radiation treatments, because I'm a curious nerd. So now we have a 3D image of my tumor. Isn't that cool?

As of today, there's 2 more chemo treatments, 12 more external radiation and 4 internal radiation treatments left! I'm down to 133 pounds so I'm pretty close to my high school weight - yikes!

I'm finally making progress with the financial side of things and have a few receipts for the smaller amounts we've paid. The $70,000 cashiers check they required before starting treatments just finally got deposited Tuesday. It was too large and caused an error when the lady tried to put it in the system. I find that funny. I guess they aren't used to a situation like this, and it shows. I will not give up until every penny is accounted for and we receive documentation. I'm also not giving up until I find the person who initiated this policy of hounding cancer patients for full payment before receiving treatments. The fight continues...


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