February 6, 2024

February 6, 2024

Health update:

This was from yesterday's chemo session. We discussed doing a Picc or port but they are not in favor of that. The picc line is too high of a risk of infection for my situation. They won't do a port at this stage of the treatment. Nurse Jess explained the plan and I trust her so I'll continue but with some of my modifications.

1- Jess or Ashley be the only nurse to poke my veins.
2- move my labwork to Mondays instead of getting poked on Friday and Monday
3 - skip the Friday iv flushes

They used my one good vein and it went fine. Jess said it is highly unlikely that vein would blow out since it's a big one, unlike the other veins that poked. So let's give this a try.

I spoke with the financial counselors boss yesterday. She was still saying they can't give me a detailed bill since we are self pay. But if it was for an insurance company, they would do a detailed receipt. So I asked to speak to her boss. She said that wouldn't help and the business office is who to talk to. She had a guy call from there. That fella's personality was as dry as a cotton field! But he said he could email me what I was asking for, but only for January. Will have to request the next one a month later. I received the papers and we're getting closer to the goal. It's still not quite right but I'm not giving up until the mission is accomplished!

Got home about 4 and felt like I crashed into a wall. Slid off the bed and onto the floor and just stared at the wall about 6 minutes and had to will myself to standup. Finally did and quickly finished small tasks, shut things down and went to bed.

This is week 3 of 7. Two more chemo treatments to go. I can tell the tumor is shrinking. And it's not bleeding anymore. I think it's running away in fear of the scary rotating machine that screams at it Monday thru Friday!

Today was nausea day, as always the day after chemo. Stayed in bed after radiation this morning. Off to get an IV flush and radiation in the morning.

Thanks yall for hanging in here with me!


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