February 27, 2024

February 27, 2024

Health update:

Yesterday was the final external radiation treatment! I was late for the treatment because I was exorcizing demons from both ends of my body that morning but thankfully they still took me in 30 minutes late.

They did my MRI yesterday as well, which they'll use to more precisely target the tumor for the internal radiation treatment (brachytherapy) that's scheduled for Friday. They had to inject contrast in me for the MRI, which bruised my arm badly again. I sure hope my veins recover after this is over.

Side effects are increasing though, both from chemo and radiation. I've been more nauseous the last 10 days that I was the first week. The radiation has now caused a sunburn effect in the very sensitive pelvic area. Things are also very swollen and it even hurts to walk now. There's a chance that the effects may cause them to delay the internal radiation treatments, so prayers are definitely needed that conditions will be favorable for them to proceed on Friday.

The end is near! Prayers are working!


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You are very brave šŸŒ»

Connie Lynn Totman

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