February 2, 2024

February 2, 2024

Heath update:

2nd week of treatment is in the books! Not a fun week but last week was still worse. That's 2 chemo treatments, 9 radiation treatments and 3 IV flushes. Cancer treatments play evil tricks on the body. It's crazy that in one 10 hour period, you can have nausea, constipation and diarrhea! We're still having problems with veins collapsing or blowing out. 2 more used up Wednesday for the IV flush, and a few more were knocked out of commission today. There's only one vein left. Thankfully it's a nice juicy fat one but if that one goes, I think there's no choice but to do a pic line or port. They have been avoiding it because I'm only getting 5 chemo treatments so in a perfect world, using that vein once a week should be fine. The problem is that my chemo, Cisplatin, is known for making you need extra IV flushes to replenish fluids. Well see what happens next week.

Callie the therapy dog came to visit this week. That was a nice little comfort. After treatment yesterday, I went by Goodwill and picked up a few medium tshirts because all my large ones don't fit anymore. Ran across this Fred Sandford gem of a shirt for $2!

The bowl of oatmeal was my demise yesterday. Apparently strawberry flavored oatmeal was from the devil's kitchen because it gave me painful heartburn yesterday, the likes I've never experienced before! Trying various protein drinks but so far the nausea and heartburn is popping up when I drink them. I think there's a fine art to food combinations and I just need to figure out the right order.

The battle with the financial bullies still continues. One of the radiation nurses has reached out to someone to help and she said the wheels are turning so I'm hoping to have something positive to report next week.

Thanks for all the prayers, cards and gifts of blessings yall have shared. I'm overwhelmed each day with the outpouring of love!

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