February 15, 2024

February 15, 2024

Health update:
My blood is boiling again. Just got off the phone with the business office at Northside, letting me know that we currently owe $80,000+ for chemo services from January. That was for 1 week of chemo. I'm getting 5 weeks of chemo, which means there will likely be another $320,000 bill coming for the month of February.

We were told the amount we paid before treatments started was the whole amount we would owe for chemo. Clearly, that wasn't the case. Hopefully they won't deny me from receiving my final chemo on Monday.

They still haven't applied the $70,000 we paid them last month that was demanded before I could get radiation treatment. They said they didn't receive the funds until yesterday. This hospital's financial department is as messed up as our US governments finances! I'm just in awe that this saga still continues.

I've got a ton of fight left in me and will not rest until this is made right. There's still some aces left to play if it comes to that. The game continues....

Whether or not yall have traditional health insurance, cost sharing plans or no insurance, scrutinize every bill for services you receive. Don't just let the medical providers bill your insurance companies blindly. The providers purposely make the billing confusing so you can't compare apples to apples and they beat you down until you just give in and pay the bill. Be your own advocate and take charge of your healthcare. Stand up for what isn't right or else change will never take place.


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